Wally Sajimi

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Wally Sajimi 

Phone Number (201) 655-9563 

Contact Email wally@endorsify.co 

Social Media Links instagram.com/wallypdf 


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Co-Founded Endorsify in 2017.Endorsify provided an influencer
marketing platform focused on pricing user-generated
content. In July 2020, HerCampus acquired
assets from Endorsify
https://www.hercampusmedia.com/blog/2020/7/1/hercampus-media-acquires-assets-from-leading-influencermarketplace-endorsify )

Also, the founder of Nietzsche Labs which is a technology
development shop that builds websites and apps for fashion
brands, creatives, and musicians. In 2015 and 2016 I Worked at
Salesforce and United Bank of Switzerland.

Please describe any unique characteristics or attributes of your company or its products and services that you feel would be newsworthy?

I run a tech dev shop and I code build and design websites for
top fashion brands and music artists and Youtubers.
People: A$AP Mob, Nelk Boys, Cinematic Music Group (music
label), G4 Boyz, A$AP 12vy, Hidji Films, and more.
Fashion brands: Cactus Plant Flea Market, Young Thugs
Spider Worldwide, Nasaseasons, PsychWorld, Sicko Born
From Pain and more.
I also run a VC backed startup which we sold to HerCampus 6 months ago and then closed our seed round funding. So yeah

Who is your target audience and why?

Fashion, Music, and Technology because those are the industrie I’ve done business and projects in.

What separates you or your products/services from your competition?

Creative direction and thinking.

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Wally Sajimi